The West Clinic

Comprehensive Breast Center


Michael P. Berry, MD, FACS

Roy Oswaks, MD

Richard E. Fine, MD, FACS

West Clinic Comprehensive Breast Center Opens Doors
To Advanced Level of Care

New Germantown Location Expands Services and Breast Surgical Team

In September 2012, The West Clinic Comprehensive Breast Center opened its doors to a new 12,000 square-foot center located at 8000 Wolf River Boulevard in Germantown. The center is the first of its kind in the region to offer an advanced level of comprehensive breast care including digital mammography, breast ultrasound, stereotactic and ultrasound-guided biopsies, surgical therapy, genetic counseling, genetics, clinical research, pain management, and a patient navigator program.  The West Clinic Comprehensive Breast Center offers a real step forward, improving and often eliminating the traditional delay between diagnostic services and treatment.  “Our goal is to provide the full spectrum of multidisciplinary care for the treatment of breast disease under one roof, allowing patients complete access to care,” says Michael P. Berry, MD, FACS.

“With state-of-the-art technology and a patient-centered program, patients no longer have to wait days or even weeks, to learn results or begin treatment, thus alleviating unnecessary anxiety.  Our mammograms are read in ‘real-time’ by highly qualified radiologists, and we can often do biopsies in just a few days” continued Berry.  In addition, West Clinic surgeons work collaboratively with a specialized team of medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, pathologists, and radiologists conducting multidisciplinary breast conferences in order to develop the best evidence-based treatment plans for our patients.


In August, The West Clinic welcomed Richard E. Fine, MD, FACS, one of the nation’s leading board certified breast surgeons to its surgical team including Michael P. Berry, MD, FACS, and Roy M. Oswaks, MD. A true pioneer in the diagnosis and treatment of breast diseases, Dr. Fine served as the former Director of Advanced Breast Care in Atlanta, Georgia prior to his move to the Memphis area.  A native of Atlanta, Dr. Fine was one of the first surgeons in the U.S. to perform image-guided breast biopsies.   “We are excited about the fact that we are raising the bar for breast cancer care in this area and to have Dr. Fine join our team,” Berry states. “He was an early educator and teacher in the field of ultrasound and image-guided technology.”

Dr. Michael Berry is a Breast Surgical Oncologist who founded The Breast Clinic of Memphis nearly a decade ago.  He was the first fellowship trained Breast Surgical Oncologist in the Mid-South and Director of The Breast Clinic of Memphis. Dr. Berry previously served as a board member of the Mid-South Division of the American Cancer Society and president and vice president of the Memphis Area Board of the American Cancer Society.  He has also served on the cancer committees of both Methodist and Baptist Hospitals in Memphis.

Dr. Roy Oswaks completed medical school and surgical training in Buffalo, New York.  After relocating to the Memphis area in 2002, he began specializing in breast surgery and treatment.  Dr. Oswaks was previously with The Breast Clinic of Memphis. He currently serves as Chief of General Surgery at St. Francis Hospital, while also serving as a Cancer Commission Liaison.

Patient-Centric Care

For over 33 years, The West Clinic has been committed to providing the most advanced cancer care available.  The opening of the new breast center is yet another step in our commitment to provide each and every patient we treat with the most compassionate and best treatments…one patient at a time. The Center’s interior reflects The West Clinic’s dedication to all aspects of patient-centric care, including the physical spaces.  A calm, modern interior successfully combines ideas of privacy and healing throughout the entire center which includes nine exam rooms with breast ultrasound capabilities in each room, two mammography units, patient lounge areas, and private consultation rooms.

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Comprehensive Breast Center Location
8000 Wolf River Blvd.
Suite 100
Germantown, TN 38138
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