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Clinical Trials


When you or a loved one is diagnosed with cancer, it is important to know every treatment option available for the most complete care. This may include clinical trials, which are research studies designed to evaluate new cancer prevention and treatment options. These studies are the result of a long and deliberate cancer research process that often takes years. Clinical trials test the safety and effectiveness of new or modified treatments in cancer patients using new drugs, unique approaches to surgery and radiation therapy, or various combinations of treatments. Each clinical trial is designed to find new or better ways to treat cancer patients.

It is the opinion of many medical professionals that if you have cancer you should at least consider the available clinical trials along with all your other treatment options. Treatment options provided through clinical trials may not be available any other way. Therefore, if you are not evaluating potential treatments accessible through the clinical trials process alongside current standard therapies, you’re simply making a decision without weighing all of your available options.

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