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West Clinic Research

“Clinical trials offer hope and exceptional treatment opportunities.”

Dr. Lee Schwartzberg

From the very beginning, the unique focus on clinical research at The West Clinic grew from Dr. William West’s commitment to provide the latest cancer treatment options, including clinical trials, in a patient-focused private practice setting. A team of talented clinicians recruited from world-renowned cancer centers joined Dr. West in his dream to translate cancer research, historically confined to academic institutions, into the realms of private practice. The result has been one of the country’s most innovative private oncology practices which offers comprehensive patient care including cutting-edge clinical research protocols for most cancer types, pain control and supportive care / symptom management.

Landmark research has been a heritage of The West Clinic. Our investigators published groundbreaking research on Interluekin-2 in 1987 in The New England Journal of Medicine, the nation’s most prestigious medical journal. In 1989 The West Clinic began a program focused on high dose chemotherapy and peripheral blood stem cell transplantation that grew into a national collaborative organization. This group provided many advances in the field of high dose chemotherapy including publishing in many cancer journals as well as presenting our results to scientific meetings locally, nationally and internationally. More recently, The West Clinic spearheaded the ZAP (Zero Acceptance of Pain) program focusing on a systemic approach to managing cancer pain, which has become a national model for symptom control.

Today, patients greatly benefit from this unique environment that combines caring with serious clinical research. The West Clinic’s physicians conduct a broad spectrum of clinical research trials ranging from Phase I to Phase IV studies in collaboration with major pharmaceutical companies, the National Cancer Institute, cooperative groups as well as our own investigator initiated trials funded by grants.

In an effort to continue their mission to make promising research initiatives available to more clinicians and their patients in community based cancer centers, The West Clinic has taken a leadership role in organizing other community oncology practices to provide clinical trial opportunities through a new national network called ACORN (Accelerated Community Oncology Research Network). As a result of this collaboration, cancer patients will be afforded broader access to new treatment options through the clinical trial process. The expectation is high that such collaborations can allow community-based oncologists to make further scientific contributions to advance the field of cancer care and cure more patients.