The West Clinic

Kurt W. Tauer, M.D., F.A.C.P.

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Board certified in Oncology and Internal Medicine, Kurt W. Tauer is licensed to practice  medicine in Tennessee, Mississippi and Arkansas. Dr. Tauer began his affiliation with  The West Clinic in 1985 after completing his Fellowship in Medical Oncology at  Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York. He received his MD from the  Saint Louis University School of Medicine where he graduated cum laude. He interned  and served as Chief Resident in Internal Medicine at Baptist Memorial Hospital,  Memphis.

Dr. Tauer sees patients in our Humphreys office and refers to his role as that of “helping  people – not patients – be the best they can be during their cancer journey”. Through  The West Clinic’s extensive resources, he seeks to address the entire spectrum of the disease – scientifically, diagnostically, medically and emotionally. He sees a lot of hope for people dealing with cancer today due to ever expanding treatments and the care given by The West Clinic’s extremely dedicated and loyal staff. As he says, “We will do our absolute best to take care of you through this difficult time.”

The close relationships he develops with his patients and their families is one of the many aspects of his work that Dr. Tauer treasures. He views the physician – patient exchanges as mutually beneficial. The treatment of cancer is his life’s work as he seeks to assist the people affected by it in any way he can. Dr. Tauer has experienced how devastating a cancer diagnosis can be to a family. His father developed lung cancer while he was in medical school, and it is with that inspiration he guides The West Clinic’s mission and vision.

Dr. Tauer is active in the medical oncology community. He participates as a clinical instructor at the University of Tennessee. In addition, he has served as past Director of the Palliative Care committee at Baptist Memorial Hospital. He has served on the local Board of Directors of the American Cancer Society, the Executive Committee of the Baptist Care Institute, as chairman of the Cancer Committee of Baptist Memorial Hospital and as president of Community Oncology Alliance. He served on the Board of Directors of the Cancer Clinic’s of Excellence.

Dr. Tauer has co-authored more than 45 abstracts and two dozen papers appearing in publications such as Proceedings from the American Society, Journal of Clinical Oncology, Cancer Treatment Report and the New England Journal of Medicine. His research activities have focused largely on the analysis of high-dose chemotherapy and peripheral blood stem cell infusion on the study of various methods of cell therapy.

Dr. Tauer and his wife enjoy family outings including travel with his children and grandchildren. He is a voracious reader whose non-professional reading interests range from religious themes to what he classifies as “junk” novels.