The West Clinic

Gregg Sutton, MD

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Dr. Sutton was born in Ft. Worth, Texas and moved to Memphis in 1997.  From there he graduated from Houston High School in 2001 and went to Purdue University to earn a degree in Electrical Engineering in 2005.  He returned to Memphis and achieved his Doctorate in Medicine in 2009 from the University of Tennessee.  Then, he underwent Internal Medicine Residency at Chattanooga from 2009-2012.  He is currently a fellow in the West Clinic/University of Tennessee Hematology Oncology program and will complete training in 2015.

Dr. Sutton has strong family and cultural ties to the South.  His free time is spent with his wife and four children in the outdoors, playing sports, exercising, reading, taking pictures, doing home-projects, gardening, playing with the dogs, and more.  His wife Ruby (aka Leigh Ann) works full-time as a mother, part-time as a registered nurse in the emergency department, and part-time in both photography and nursing college.  Dr. Sutton could not do it without her.

His goal is to provide patient centered care in Hematology Oncology by combining compassion and evidenced based medicine.