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New Patient Education

At The West Clinic our goal is to make sure that you and your family have the best resources available on your cancer journey. Part of this process is learning about your quality of life and teaching you everything you need to know about your chemotherapy and its possible effects on you.

Dr. Janice Pazar, a Health Psychologist, will assess your quality of life-things such as: how you are sleeping, how you feel emotionally, how you and your family are coping with your diagnosis, and she will show you how we monitor your quality of life using the Patient Care Monitor.

Dr. Pazar will:

  • Help you identify important sources of help, in addition to your family and community
  • Assist you in maintaining your routines and behaviors that keep you feeling confident and calm
  • Teach you how to avoid stress, anxiety and depression with various types of assistance, which may include: counseling, support groups and / or medications
  • Assist you in deciding about how to inform your family about your diagnosis and how to provide them the information they need.

Before you start chemotherapy, one of our oncology nurses will:

  • Explain your treatment plan
  • Help you and your family to understand the treatment process
  • Teach you about potential side effects
  • Share how to prevent or minimize side effects
  • Answer any questions you may have

Managing Side Effects | Nutrition | Practical Ways for Family & Friends to Help

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